Today we took another jaunt to Boulder, and it’s super warm and spring-like, so it was very pleasant. Kathy had a few doctor’s visits and blood draws, and I did my dry-cleaning exchange and found some Velcro sticky tape at the store because Bonzo ate the rest of my previous supply.

A Nederland native came by this evening and started some analysis on what it will take to plumb the aquarium into the downstairs spare room. I’ve decided to further postpone the fish-inserting until we get all the major functional stuff figured out. Even if we don’t do the plumbing, there are still some things I want to change in the system before we have life in it… that is, before we have life that isn’t capable of just living off the algae and detritus in the tank!

The picture is one of several I took of some African dresses that the dance troupe who performed in Ned a few weekends ago was wearing. They are psychedelic, and they remind me a bit of the cool shorts I used to wear when I was in elementary school. (Thanks, Mom!)

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  1. Those jams were cool! i was really glad you liked them, too, ’cause I could whip them up in no time. Couldn’t have done the same had you preferred jeans!
    That picture is really neat-o, too!

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